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Likabehandlingsplan: A Toast to Sweden’s Future with Cyanide

Jag har en dröm. I have a dream

Fulfilling a long-held ambition to live and work in Sweden, this collection is my report. Although containing the usual observations and reveries of a stranger in a strange land, it has found a focus deriving from an increasing awareness that Sweden was birthing a new society. Unwittingly leading the world in reverse social and genetic engineering, Sweden’s social justice warriors bin 1000 years of history and welcome Grendal.

Once fresh and healthy, blue and yellow, Sweden’s new colours are those of a burned out car. Now a zombie state. Waiting, but alas forlornly, on the coup de grâce. The willed future can clearly be seen; 9mm in one hand, cyanide capsule in the other.

Way to go, Bro!

Queens of the Reich

Queens of the Reich

The 21st century primary school considered in verse.

If set out with the objective of destroying our education system you could not do a better job than that achieved by its soi-disant champions and managers.

Poems considering the counter-intuitive, anti-human initiatives and other social trends which have undermined education, delivering the exact opposite of the intended goals. Hopefully, the total effect of this onslaught in verse is more light-hearted than its description.

William Wallace: Scotland's Hero

William Wallace: Scotland’s Hero

The Story of Scotland’s Warrior Hero.

Wallace’s role in rescuing his country from conquest by England is well known, and yet what we know about him for a fact could be written on a postcard. This biography, while acknowledging this significant limitation, recreates his life by considering the context in detail. Likewise, the sort of man he was can be sympathetically imagined.

Set against the brutal background of the War of Independence, this thrilling retelling of Wallace’s story helps us sense the real man obscured by the mists of legend.

This is the companion volume to Robert the Bruce: Scotland’s King by the same author.

Surveying the Wreckage

Surveying the Wreckage

Considering the gathering storm and wondering who will deliver us from it, gods and heroes being posted missing again.

Everyone comes to feel that they are living through the end of days, eventually though it will be true. And, as we run out of rail on our single track to better, perhaps it will fall to us to achieve this final and dubious distinction. As is often the case, much brightness of spirit and humour is to be found within the gloom.

Scotland's Saint

Scotland’s Saint

A light-hearted, but erudite collection of poems exploring Scotland’s Christian heritage through the life of its most famous saint, Saint Columba.

The collection moves between the heroic age of Scottish Christianity and our own time. The saint’s return is long overdue, no-one’s listening anymore to the message.
Except, maybe, you!

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