The Sex Doctor

The Sex Doctor – sample

A cautionary tale powered by the heat of burned love letters, featuring hypocrisy on the usual scale.

Inside the shell ancestral genes stir. The mind becomes dirty with greed in all its feline varieties. As guilt unfolds, bursting through the carapace, and providence is viewed on its way bearing the just desserts, blame is required. One call does it all and a suitable sacrifice is made to the SWAT team. Next balloon is lined up.

Veni, vidi, vici sequence

1. Preparing the Ground

the seed corn planted well
in whatever fertile land
he found himself grew strong,
but he never stayed for the harvest
preferring to search again
for pastures new.

The past trailed behind
like a slipstream always
going away from the here and now
in his cups details would
be released, but with pride
not regret at the shamed
and broken lives he left

sometimes it caught up with him
the surprise letter with the unusual postmark
the awkward teenager suddenly
on the doorstep…! hostile stares
of unknown half sisters
embarrassing but nothing
a few pints down
the pub wouldn’t sort

after that first time when
he fled old Eire’s shores
with his convenient tho’ hated
British passport
putting quick distance between
himself and her four big brothers
who were gunning for him
he never looked over his shoulder

and left absolved of sin
after the fashion of his creed
thinking he had got away
with it in the end
and he had, but

the past did return to haunt
his line at gatherings
or quiet moments the ghosts
of broken promises the siblings
lost to each other the lonely half
lives somewhere out there

the big black score through
every happy event the ground
prepared for the next generation
poisoning the crop
the reckoning.