Surveying the Wreckage

Surveying the Wreckage – sample

The prelude to Götterdämmerung in verse

Eventually, the big train runs out of track; a collection that looks at the global and personal nightmare we are making for ourselves in most every sphere of activity. Catastrophe is always visually compelling and a certain satisfaction is enjoyed when pride is humbled. Especially, when it’s other people.

This is my jeremiad. And finishing with this trope, I turn my gaze towards the rose-coloured dawn and the paths to better worlds, which I think lie just over the hill.

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The Apache

Seen at killing height
my heart knows love
the moment it sees it
at killing speed

that god of vengeance

knows giving means nothing
without the power
to take with interest
and this can and it does

teach the real meaning
of life by example
enlightenment in a flash
of Hellfire, literally.

Here is the distillation
of your philosophies
at 90 knots spreading
the truth to unbelievers

at 20 rounds per second

working for God
the Angel Gabriel
in 21st century garb
with carte blanche


to bring the payload back.

The pleasure of power
freedom of absolution
clear conscience that smiles
above the Fire Control System.

We have became what we
always wanted to become
the gods we worship
flaming swords destoyers empty