The A-Z of Educational Nonsense

The A-Z of Educational Nonsense: A true guide for parents and teachers – sample

Some sample entries.


‘Raising Awareness’; the guise under which brainwashing is introduced into primary schools.

Here is a recent selection of topics from one term mentioned as issues to which our primary age children should be more aware;

child poverty, transgender rights, gambling addiction, child soldiers, domestic violence (against women), childhood depression, eating issues, chat room predators, homophobic bullying, sex grooming and woman’s disempowerment. Learn this before your times tables, ye children of the Curriculum of Excellence.

Issues which are the domain of adults, and over which children have no transformative power whatsoever, are touted as central to a child’s education. These are then proselytised by teachers whose gender instincts, training and life experience makes them uniquely unsuitable for the task they so willingly execute; hopefully making little bigot bots full of righteous indignation against the adult world. The teacher-kommissars tasked with this transformation are generally incapable of considering this issue in any terms, except that of extreme superficiality; good intentions that obviously will lead to good consequences. That primary age children cannot properly understand these issues, and anyway process them in a way quite different from that intended, has not been properly considered, far less investigated.

What is the child supposed to do with all this information about the world?


Formerly ruthlessly crushed to encourage les autres, now welcomed as a virtue

Pre Brave New World, this contagion was a rare visitor to the classroom, as the slightest sign of infection resulted in a very bitter one pill cure. Impertinence is even less tolerated nowadays, but the coin has flipped, and teachers must ensure by word, gesture and expression that they display no disapproval of any pupil on pain of a (social media) whipping, followed by a contrite apology or expulsion. In contrast, the most intractable of pupil villains are free to express their disdain in fashion best suited to their style. Plans are afoot to reintroduce corporal punishment as a solution, a visit to the head’s office for a caning should wipe the stupid grin off of an impertinent teacher’s face.